Monil is an old timer of SAP when 3.1H was still working, 5.25 Floppy Diskette was a reality and a PC was 386 with 500 MB of Hard DISK was a luxury. Having worked in SAP for almost 15 Years, he has been an HR Professional for 5 Years of his early career and the balance in SAP HR and Payroll. He has seen both the sides of the fence and understands the jargons of HR. He understands things about Penalty Rate or EBAs or Awards or CRIB Allowance etc.

With an Engineering background and a Masters in HR, he is qualified to work as a SAP consultant and has been doing it for past so many years. He has handled global implementations, Australian implementations, both in Public and Private Sector. He has worked for Telecom Giants, Banking Leaders, Services companies, Manufacturing plants, Consulting Companies, End User companies. He has handled complete implementations, specific projects and Support.

Faheem is an IT graduate from University of Ballarat and has learned his share of SAP HCM. He is ideal for routine problems and going in for handholding and providing support when the Payroll Staff needs someone to be there for routine help and moral boosting.

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